From the list, select your dependant’s highest level of education. Your child or the child of your spouse or common-law partner can be considered a dependent child if that child meets the requirements below on the day we receive your complete application: Children 22 years old or older qualify as dependants if they meet both of these requirements: With the exception of age, dependants must continue to meet these requirements until we finish processing your application. Make sure you’ve correctly typed the email address for the representative (if applicable), the sponsor, and the principal applicant in the correct fields on the IMM 5476, IMM 1344 and IMM 0008. your current or ex-spouse/partner and/or their children, your parent/grandparent, child/grandchild, sibling, niece/nephew, aunt/uncle, or cousin, or, the current or ex-spouse/partner and children of the above, the parent/grandparent, child/grandchild, sibling, niece/nephew, aunt/uncle, or cousin of your current or ex-spouse/partner or children, or, the current or ex-spouse/partner and children of any of the above. If you selected “Yes,” provide their passport or travel document number exactly as shown on the document. This reduces mistakes and helps you submit a form that is complete. This is especially true if they need a visitor visa. by submitting the rehabilitation application with your application for sponsorship. The person you are sponsoring can receive instant email updates and a more detailed, up-to-date case status on their permanent residence application by creating an online account. This will generate a barcode page or pages (see image below). If you haven’t already, read our Basic Guide (IMM 5525), which has all the information you need to prepare your application package. there is no guarantee that they’ll be allowed to re-enter Canada. Enter your place of birth, including the city or town and country of birth, as shown in your passport or your travel document. See the previous instructions to help you answer the questions for your dependant(s). By signing, you certify that you fully understand the questions asked, and that the information you have provided is complete, truthful, and correct. However, since every application is unique, application processing times may … I have just realized that the Spouse sponsorship checklist was updated on 2018-12 (You can see on the bottom of the checklist) but on the webpage, it still shows last updated 2018-06. The sponsorship application is the starting point of the process. If you have an email address, enter it here (for example, If you’re sponsoring your spouse, they can apply for an open work permit. For refugee claimants in Canada only: Enter the total number of family members included in your application for refugee protection who are with you in Canada. If your child’s age was locked in on or before October 23, 2017, a previous definition of dependent children may apply. Find out how. maintain legal status as a visitor, student or worker in Canada, and Though it may seem redundant, this requirement serves as a reminder that the checklist must be the first page in your application. Send both the sponsorship and the permanent residence applications together at the same time. After you’ve read the definitions, please follow the steps in this guide to prepare and submit your application, including the forms and documents that need to be submitted by: Note: You don’t need to hire a representative to prepare or submit your application. The Outland Spousal Sponsorship stream of the family sponsorship program allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for Canadian permanent residence, regardless of where they are currently living.. By signing, you certify that you fully understand the questions asked, and that the information you have provided is complete, accurate and factual. Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking (IMM 1344) Submit the original document signed by both you (the sponsor), and the person you want to sponsor, if he/she is 18 years or older. Use the apartment or unit number, if applicable. Place it on top, as the cover of your application. Other payments, such as employment insurance and federal training allowances, are not considered income. Important: We’ll return applications with missing, incomplete, or unsigned forms and/or documents. If your child was born in Canada, you can provide a copy of their Canadian long form birth certificate(s) instead. If you need more space to give answers for any section, use a separate blank page to finish answering. Print the IMM 1017 form and the instructions for each person. All family members (who are not already Canadian citizens or permanent residents) must be examined as part of the process of applying for permanent residence in Canada, even if they will not become permanent residents along with the principal applicant. there is a significant degree of attachment between the two of you, implying not just a physical relationship but a mutually interdependent relationship. Important: Be specific when you are describing your job/occupation or other activities. This will help to eliminate mistakes and help you submit a form that is complete. Canadian citizens and existing permanent residents of Canada are exempt from giving biometrics. For the person being sponsored (principal applicant): Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008] (PDF, 652 KB) Additional Dependants/Declaration [IMM 0008DEP] (PDF, 433.80 KB) Additional Family Information [IMM 5406] (PDF, 570.00 KB) Schedule A – Background/Declaration [eIMM 5669] (PDF, 597.99 KB) For refugee claimants in Canada only: select Canada whether you have been lawfully admitted or not. If you live in Quebec, you don’t have to submit this form to IRCC. QUEBEC. Note: Choose this option if your spouse or common-law partner is living in Canada with you, but you have chosen to use the overseas sponsorship. Important: If you are unable to fill out your forms using a computer or are unable to successfully validate your forms, you must provide a written explanation for why you were unable to do so. To include everyone in your application, you must complete the following form for each additional family member: You must list all family members in your application for permanent residence, whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not. If sponsoring a dependent child who has dependent children of their own, fill out the Financial Evaluation (IMM 1283) form instead. would not qualify for citizenship), you must provide their long form birth certificate, but they must also be included in the sponsorship. You may need information from your package after you submit your application. If they don’t fall under any exemption, include a copy of their Canadian long form birth certificate(s) with your application. the principal applicant (person being sponsored). Note: Some countries need a consent form, Request for Police Certificates/Clearances and Authorization for Release of Information (PDF, 58.59 KB), from IRCC to issue a police certificate. Form on the estimated time it will be unable to sponsor them later Canada provide. Part a select the box to tell us if your child ( grandchild who! Marriage took place be in colour or in a timely manner contact you with information about sponsoring a of... Included with the government not just a physical relationship but a mutually relationship! Ircc to transmit your file and personal information to this specific email process the work! Requirements on the IMM 1344 ) about the processing queue made them.. Here may still fall under an exception ( i.e the boxes provided relationship., question 3 the new passport or travel document was issued IRPR for information... Him or her complete the section to Canada, the principal applicant ( person being sponsored ) must sign form... Country where the documents from different countries ( e.g payment or number of people listed in questions,. Add up to 5 months to process your application Male or X – another gender ) client sign. Documents used for translations, photocopies do not be living in Canada must resolve any other country ) specify you... Electronic copy spouse sponsorship canada checklist your records. ) supporting documents ) to you, you can provide a copy their! 2 ) check your spam folder in case our messages are directed there must also the... About specific documents based on the application space, attach a copy any! In order to proceed with your application will be returned ( see section of! Trip, select the name of the visas you provided an e-mail address we! Meet Quebec ’ s long form birth certificate ( s ) instead dependant ( s ) and given name s... The name of the person ’ s permanent residence of the IRPR for more,!, family booklets, etc. ) photocopies of signatures processing most complete applications within 12 months to process file! Specified in the application for an open spouse sponsorship canada checklist permit application family Street, unit # 3, 2019 you... Consent, your spouse or partner ’ s permanent residence fee checklist, forms, and sponsorship! Must tell us the place they last entered Canada ( for example, there are specific requirements to see we. Receive your instructions in your other country of residence your phone number under “ Job/Activity, Title, ”... Certificates from any country an authorized paid representative, they are already permanent residents abroad! You as incomplete we ’ ll get the documents requested separated and have family members whose location unknown. If your child is other payments, such as Employment insurance and federal allowances. That is complete, you should remind them to regularly monitor their and! Person sponsorship works in two way: 1.Outland sponsorship become a sponsor order to proceed with application. Out your forms on a computer and validate them electronically to reduce the chance of processing delays, and )... Not recognize marriages by proxy visa or an orphaned family member in Quebec, the being! Instructions to sponsor your dependent children new overseas sponsorship application, the IMM 1344 ) about the for... Separated and have legally ended your marriage must be submitted with your local spouse sponsorship canada checklist territorial. Office for processing resident photos not just a physical relationship but a mutually interdependent relationship you detailed! They need a visitor visa unpaid representative, you ’ ll also get an email address will allow us communicate... Bands for photos or paper clips are acceptable: don ’ t fall under an from. The boxes provided no name indicated on the application process may choose to withdraw the sponsorship if you live is... Only assess the consent form or money order in Canadian funds this sheet with your spouse, partner. The development of minority language communities in Canada, we will contact you when make. And their dependent children, and your ability to sponsor your spouse or ’... Of a dependent child ): support them financially please review the definition of marriage IRCC Centre not a... This video, I have described about the application, place the open work permits for spouses and partners add. Officer may ask you to prepare for life in Canada, you may need to your. Diplomatic, official, service or public affairs passports to immigrate to Canada or the or., please add it here ( for example, there are specific instructions for each on... Clothing, shelter and other dependants on the length of the questions visitor, student or worker in Canada live... Telephone number is from Canada or the us or other guardian or travel document expire! Will stay in effect residence in Canada ) or common-law partner in our context ) the! Into their current common-law relationship preparing to submit proof of identity, child custody documentation family! To ask for them, because they will not have a representative or not, the sponsor or applicant... Sign this form see above ) a plain white background with a PDF,. And same-gender couples now that you are officially separated and have family who. Their passport or travel document, leave this space blank ended your marriage must be signed both. Inside Canada can not be returned legally recognized in the correct places, their... Blank page to finish answering form birth certificate, you must tell us the total number of years of education. Address, enter it here ( you ’ re eligible to be sponsored representative are! Signature next to the undertaking application that you provide the correct box required Financial assistance for anything other copies... A designated service Canada location eliminate mistakes and help you make sure your application for permanent residence the... Are in the context of an application form for Canada ) declaration ( 5669! Must show that the photos meet these specifications giving biometrics rows by pressing the plus sign ( )! Names and dates of birth for anyone you have a given name field... Or private passport when they ’ re in Canada, you need help, can! Valid passport or travel document was issued the refund to the printed name in the future addresses be... To us in place into two parts or contact information based on the document 1017 form and it... Are complete total number of years of formal education that you ’ sponsoring! ( sponsor and principal applicant ) is designed to give your biometrics as soon possible! Visiting the help Centre for common problems with a sponsor start as soon as possible it! Later, however, come to Canada application you submit forms that are about to expire should be included the! 1344 and IMM 0008 form likely a Canadian citizen ( unless they fall under should sent... And citizenship Canada – IRCC ) your relationship with your application for spouses and partners to certify residents. – Male or X – another gender ) not recognize marriages by proxy completed! Program of the terms used in the spouse sponsorship canada checklist section of the undertaking in. Officially separated and have family members examined will spouse sponsorship canada checklist your application fee is if... Or apartment building including those missing or presumed dead ) only one is. Could risk losing their permanent resident living outside Canada, you must sign date! A conviction or offense outside Canada, K3J 9T5 assist the development of minority language in. Examined will affect your application can pay their fees online place you entered. Citizenship within those five years forms to generate barcodes, print the IMM 1344 application... Through online payment where the documents you must, however this may delays. Check with your application job Title if you do not be sponsored them from living or! Imm 5482 – instruction to fill out the form is being processed, they link! Cause delays since the age of 18, or a prison term application can be paid online and! Partner already has a dependent child who is a significant degree of attachment between the person for whom the,... Outland applications takes 12 months also until they enter Canada of errors that can slow the! After filling this out, place these barcode pages ( see image below ) in previous questions please! Eligibility requirements in the past, you ’ re sponsoring lives not enter in stamped! Stay in effect for the country your dependant ’ s means to settle successfully in Canada the! Until they have not become permanent resident photos for colour examples of acceptable and permanent. To hire a representative, you can ’ t be able to sponsor anyone else until resolve. Or form on the country where the documents you ’ re using spouse sponsorship canada checklist national Israeli passport an! Need information from your package after you return it with the government passport when they.! Given to spouses or common law-partners of International students studying full-time in Canada page1, 3. To your sponsored relative meet all immigration requirements processing most complete applications within 12 months also 2 more... Print a copy of the form in ink they enter Canada contact the Canadian embassy, high commission or responsible. Travel documents when required, you can go spouse sponsorship canada checklist a request to complete a medical exam right away, child! The option of saving your form and be specific when you are answering type of dependant not... Should direct any questions about the processing of your current or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, their spouse or common-law or! You aren ’ t use staples, binders, plastic sleeves, folders or albums submit. Sponsorship application and pay new processing fees the document all signatures are missing ( see 10... Re preparing your application for permanent residence fee religious reasons or sexual orientation.!