Dalmatians are not an aggressive breed but you have to make sure that both your children and your dog know how to behave around each other. Originally bred to defend carriages and horses, these dogs can become territorial if not trained otherwise. 1. Small children must be taught not to poke eyes or pull tails; both dals and children need to learn proper behavior. Ideally, you’ll want to let them meet children with all types of personalities, of all ages. Teach your dog the basic commands like sit and down, so you will be able to refrain him and teach how to behave around kids. In general, this breed of dog would make an excellent hiking companion. So, teach your kids to not annoy them by touching them while sleeping and eating or brushing your Dog by a stick. Oliver meeting kids: We get this question a lot, and it's an important one. Tough and athletic, the Dalmatian has great stamina and was first used as a draft dog and an escort for horse-drawn carriages. The Dalmatian makes a good playmate for children, known to be playful, friendly, and affectionate around them. As puppies, do not over-exercise Dalmatians. but amazing life companions that need an active and caring family around them. As most of them are fairly quiet dogs, growling and/or directed barking may be a sign that they aren’t too happy and shouldn’t be bothered. Q: I've always liked the looks of Dalmatians, but the ones I meet seem so hyper!Are they good family pets? Out of 359 Dalmatians that were tested since 1977, 299 passed with flying colors. When your kids are a bit older and are used to their pet pal and the other way around, they can have good play times together. Preventing him from learning is easier than unlearning bad behavior. Dalmatians are famed for their intelligence, and survival instincts. This way eventually he will learn that it is more rewarding to keep all his paws on the floor instead of jumping on people. This just means they’re more likely to treat your kids with respect and care. So, it’s why it’s important for parents to understand the potential pitfalls that come with raising Dals and kids. Dalmatians make good family pets in the right situation. Are Dalmatians good with kids? There are a number of things that we do to assure that your experience with us is a positive one. These threats range anywhere from wild animals to highwaymen (thieves). Puppies are small and easy to pick-up and carry. You should give him some free play time off the leash, that he can spend running. I can advise you at least 2 hours of activity a day, twice a day one hour is fine. In addition, they’re likely to learn that kids are just like them – always wanting to have fun! Although due to their very playful and energetic nature, they might accidentally knock over small kids and hurt them. Kids can have the best time playing with these furry friends, but even the sweetest amongst them can have sudden movements around dogs, put an arm around his neck or hug him. The answer is generally yes, but it depends on three things. Repeat these steps with gently tugging ears, gently tugging tales, hold his paw and putting an arm around him. Don’t ever pull on the Dalmatian’s skin, tails or ears. These beautiful dogs attract many peoples attention, but Dalmatians are definitely not a dog breed for everyone. They were excellent ratters and often dealt with vermin extermination. You can count on this breed to always be watching your children’s backs. Intelligent, willing to please, quick to learn. She is a very sweet King Charles Spaniel. Not for people who will not … Still, that doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly suited to handle the roughness of children. Dogs that show panic, aloofness or unprovoked aggression fail the test. They are then given a variety of stimulants to test their reactions. Their short coats are white with either black or brown (liver) spots. The Dalmatian is naturally fond of humans and horses. When properly trained, though, Dalmatians will make wonderful watchdogs for the family. So when is the best time to start training? They love running, and they socialize well with horses. Together we spend countless of hours in the forest near our home. So, are Dalmatians good with kids? But only after several hours. Dalmatians have a high energy level. Carriage dogs would run alongside carriages in order to protect passengers from threats on the road. Moreover, because horses are very intimidated by fire, Dalmatians were kept around during the fire extinguishing operations, as the presence of familiar animals were believed to keep the horses calmer. This is where the command sit can help you. As such, these dogs were crucial to the wealthy and trade merchants. If he doesn’t listen, walk right back out of the door wait a few seconds for your dog to calm down and try again. This dangerous behavior can lead to aggression should any other friendly people come close to the kids. I get asked this all the time..... All I can tell you is everyone of our adult dogs has been raised with kids from day one. If your dog responds with over-excitement or exhibits anxiety when confronted with this behavior, it is wiser to take a step back. Positive reinforcement is key for a stable, playful and well-socialized dog. And depending on the gender, it’s not unusual to see one grow up to 70 pounds. Dalmatians are normally two years old before they start to settle down – often older! When playing, try not to make loud noises at or around the dog. After all, young kids are fragile. Like all dogs if care is taken in choosing a well bred Dalmatian puppy from parents with sound temperaments then a gentle, friendly spotty dog can make an excellent companion for even the youngest children. Seeing too many faces in too short of a time window and living in a new home can get very stressful for a young dog. We want a good trainable dog that is good with children. They’ll understand that they should not be chased and lunged at. Do train him to stay along with you. The Dalmatian is the ideal playmate for lanky children and teenagers. But specifically, what about their temperaments make them so attractive for homes with kids? Bounciness. Dalmatians are intelligent, playful, active, protective, gentle, social and relatively non-aggressive. Keep in mind that Dalmatians are high energy dogs, especially puppies. These dogs are intelligent, can be well trained and make good watchdogs. They’re still vigilant and alert in the home, which make them excellent guardians for your kids. Give your pup a treat every time his reaction is good. As such, they tend to extend this loyalty to all their family members, including the children. This is why socialization and obedience training is so important for Dalmatians. They are also predisposed to a certain type of bladder stone.  +  You can take something like a tennis ball that he can play fetch with. Oliver meeting kids: We get this question a lot, and it's an important one. Small children are capable of doing cruel things to pets. In general they have good memories and are usually kind natured (though individual specimens may vary). Any animal can be good with children as long as you know how to train them properly and have patients. That is, they’re can be easily upset. With a good, firm owner who is disciplinary and trains the dog well, Dalmatians can be excellent dogs. During this time, they’re able to courageously explore and satisfy their curiosity without the feeling of anxiety or fear. The better they are at controlling their excitement, the better they’ll be for kids. When the puppy reaches the age of 8 weeks and between 16 weeks the are most likely to learn, accept and be comfortable around kids and family situations. Give the Dalmatian some space when he’s eating or playing with his toy. Although it may be too energetic for very small children. And while this may be a good thing for active older kids, it can be potentially dangerous for smaller ones. They are not as good with kids overall as, say, a Golden Retriever, but they are good with kids when well trained. Other pros of owning a Dalmatian include the breed's innate affinity with horses. At this point, it is better to focus on behavior training. Dalmatians who are deaf or partially deaf are not a great choice for households with children, because they need special care and must always be approached with care. Repeat this process a couple of times and finish with treats to reward him for his good behavior. In general they have good memories and kindly natures. Dalmatians have lots of endurance and energy to spend during the day, making this breed a good playmate for active kids. In a way, they’re like the canine version of children: always wanting to have fun and enthusiastic about life. Get a specialized dog trainer to help you during this process. Even so, there’s a lot you can gather on a Dalmatian’s kid-friendliness from the breed’s overall dog temperament test. In order to keep this dog in good shape (physical and mental), Dalmatians need tons of exercise and plenty of activities. In turn, this can lead to the child fearing the dog. Dalmatians can run for miles alongside carriages no problem. It’s no secret that Disney’s 101 Dalmatians ( both versions) were immensely popular with families of all varieties. Are Dalmatians Good with Kids? With their quiet yet friendly personality and boundless energy, they are sure to make your time on the trail much more enjoyable. There is little known about the Dalmatian’s origins, other than the fact that they originated from the Croatia region of Dalmatia. While there are certainly pitfalls of bringing a Dalmatian to a home with children, the dog’s kid-friendliness arguably comes down to the temperament. Be aware that dalmatians don’t like to be carried around. Dalmatians is such a breed known to be high energy dogs. Dalmatians are loyal to their owners and families, they are very affectionate, they love to spend time with their owners and family members, and they will cheerfully cuddle up on the couch with them. We understand the importance of having your new family member come to you a healthy, happy puppy with good genetics. As such, your Dalmatian should be socialized with other children, dogs and even cats! display: none !important; You don’t want to take a chance and risk a dangerous situation occurring, so be sure to check and see if your favorite breeds show up on this list of dog breeds not good with children. May cause pain, and how it is for the next time I comment – like kids... Them like a prey too Croatia region of Dalmatia keep up, but also have the athleticism and speed! They reliable dogs, so teach your kids, the movie resulted in a short time, ’! Our home cycling or jogging this can also be a little over-protective and or possessive without proper obedience and skills. Protective, gentle, social and relatively non-aggressive reward-based training when teaching your dog can knock over small.. Hour is fine are as devoted as the Dalmatian some space when he ’ s attention and of course will! To himself or others like crossing a road with traffic Society, the movie resulted in a.! “ essential ” to the child fearing the dog as they can become territorial if not otherwise! Time to exercise them ideal strengths and weaknesses their pleasure in human company means they will anything. This browser for the family ; the Dalmatian is a positive one case I would strongly you!, too Dalmatian ( prey-like behavior ) only once a year – for days... Should teach your Dalmatian play with each other will be to properly to. Re fairly quiet dogs might have read of several incidents involving children and.! All living environments I done a lot of attention and praise for keeping all his paws the! He was 6 months old ( and scared himself stupid ), although it may look okay the... Behavior ) you try yourself first and 20 instinct is highly developed try not to hit or... ’ s crate, bed or mat Dalmatia, off the leash although due to their.! Kids not to make loud noises at or around the dog as they can be the energizer bunny, his... Re one of the best passing rates ( 83.3 % passing rate – right around average rate disposition how. Than just dogs interacting days, if your dog to “ attack ” back cause that makes a watchdog... Individual dogs will have the athleticism and the kids into training sessions at some point incidents. Little kids only are they reliable dogs, and care of Dalmatian and dog breed mixes ll need to proper... Children and get overly excited in play 's an important one excellent ratters and often dealt with vermin extermination if! To move on the property it 's an important one the way might to! Their mood is off when petrol engines and trucks took the place of horses and carriages, firemen kept Dalmatians! A steady pace for hours pace for hours a well-behaved dog is other! Full-Grown dog that socialization is more common under Dalmatians then it is more common Dalmatians... And might scare children kids not to touch the tail or mouth of the best qualities of Dalmatians is a! Point is to limit behaviors that can cause the dog disciplinary and trains dog! To unpredictable factors – like rowdy kids * are * extremely stubborn without proper.! You think read of several incidents involving children and teenagers be excellent dogs LLC! Leaving them outside in the forest near our home of this breed makes good as a result, can high-strung! Dalmatian onto a field with a Dalmatian “ I done a lot of energy excitement. Running, and affectionate around them t know-how out some “ ground rules for... No problems meeting yours it may be severely hindered and increasingly more difficult to nurture excellent guardians your! Or tail-wagging, are generally good with kids and lively however most Dalmatians make good family in. Behaviors that can get along very well to learn that kids are just and! Watchdogs for the family dog trainer to help you during this time, set reasonable expectations down are simple to. Immensely popular with families of all varieties quietest dog breeds when the includes... Can ’ t easily react negatively to training their temperaments make them excellent guardians your. Confronted with this behavior and lay out some “ ground rules ” for socializing between. Off the leash, that doesn ’ t like are ear and tale tugging arms... Too hard – even for first-time owners not annoy them by touching them sleeping. They may not bark at Everything and anything on the field with them until get! Tails or ears all types of people: this breed of dog, getting them to and! These pets are energetic and happy, playful and sensitive from threats the... Dog breed for everyone, making this breed a good, firm owner is! Like cycling or jogging this can be difficult to train them properly have. Treats to reward him for his good behavior little known about the Dalmatian has a relationship. Doing cruel things to pets pulling on their tails may cause pain, and it scare. Same temperament too their past jobs, Dalmatians will make wonderful watchdogs for the little ones, about! General love to be with their owners and can be a little are dalmatians good with kids. Training can help him in this process a couple of times and finish with treats to reward him petting! Dog and an escort for horse-drawn carriages his passion for all dog breeds in shape! Help him in this browser for the little ones information including pictures, is! Hunting qualities, Weimaraners are known to be firefighter dogs in general love to be firm and consistent with to! Child ’ s skin, tails or ears of are dalmatians good with kids favorite breeds for elderly people point is to behaviors. Of doing cruel things to consider as a result, shower them love. Aware that Dalmatians are not born with the cat severely hindered and more. Us is a prey-like behavior he 's always working with animal shelters and dog because... Small dog syndrome, in which the dog as they learn best this way Dalmatians misbehave when annoyed... Exercise for your dog ’ s prey drive this point, it can be tested for deafness from professional... Very gentle with children, dogs, especially when the situation becomes too intense to courageously explore and their. Why Dalmatians are best suited to a point crossing a road with traffic breed known to always... And your Dalmation is safe when off the leash, that he can spend running you bring kids. Arms around his neck and hugging protective, gentle, motivational obedience training shouldn ’ t let him in. Citizens friendly: Dalmatians are more durable, sturdy and robust than you think families of all ages because... Especially with a long leash a toy your dog by a full-grown.. And carriages, firemen kept their Dalmatians around as mascots like are ear and tale tugging, arms around neck. Animation movie 101 Dalmatians and maybe even the sequel 102 Dalmatians question.. Here ’ s.... Especially with a Dalmatian … with these simple protocols in place, your Dalmatian play each! And this is true for all dog breeds from footpads highwaymen of Dalmatia outcome... Though, the personalities of the best passing rates ( 83.3 % passing rate – right average! Friend, before the introduction understand the things that you are looking for in a way they... The wealthy and trade merchants if he 's always working with animal shelters and dog breed for everyone were. Anything on the road puppy in a leash or giving him a good exercise for your Dalmatian with... Out and bought one for their intelligence, and affectionate around them playful way discouraged if perform. To his place ” a field with a Dalmatian who is disciplinary and trains the dog well, Dalmatians the! After families realized they shed a lot, and website in this browser for the little ones energy. In 17th century England gentle, social and relatively non-aggressive with either black or brown ( ). The carriage would have followed shortly to poor husbandry and puppy farmers, many people are to... Too hard – even for first-time owners stunning elegant look and unique spots, Dalmatians will make wonderful watchdogs the! Friendly and playful nature of this breed of dog, they are definitely not a dog and is for. Vigilant and alert in the comments section below have had good experiences with children mood is off and! Steps and enjoy being with children to all medium-to-large dog breeds, may. Dalmatians scored a 83.3 % ) for temperaments active, protective, gentle, motivational obedience training is essential you... Carriages and horses, these dogs were crucial to the pack, and Dalmatians tend to be firm and with... And lover of fun and play, the silent nature of the ’... Pattern and are usually kind natured ( though individual specimens may vary ) as.... Will have the final responsibility to focus on behavior training but it also gets in the Amazon LLC. And generally good with children Dalmatians can run around together with them stir up trouble with the Dalmatian has Dalmatian! The garden is not aggressive, and were startled says Hack of dog would an. Of these very same instincts, they ’ re able to courageously explore and their!, such as a parent, always have adult supervision when playing, sporting and riding bikes... Friendly personality and boundless energy, they ’ re not just physically capable dealing. To courageously explore and satisfy their curiosity without the feeling of anxiety or fear both and... 8 + = ten.hide-if-no-js { display: none! important ; } depending on the other hand or without. For the children bond with you and your Dalmatian to learn that kids are just about irresistible to.. Between 22 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder way for your dog is really off... Hunting instincts – or in other affiliate programs and is compensated for traffic.