Although the rise itself wasn’t terrible, something about using it felt very cramped, and I set out to find what went into a safe, comfortable stair. But I'm not sure that 24" of step depth is the most comfortable stairway. Item #701414. What happens when people walk down 24" stair treads is that because the tread depth is too short to take that extra halting step some walkers try to step all the way to the tread nose with their descending foot from the stair above. So we need to change 3 of our 19 "steps" into platforms that are 42.3 + 11" = 53.3" in the direction of travel of the stairs. Varying riser heights feel awkward and are difficult to ascend, because we need rhythm when we climb steps. 7/26/90 is very often cited by other sources for good design of stairs and ramps etc. When building deck stairs, you will need to determine the total height of the deck at the stairs. Should we get to that point, we'd first have to deal with the full flight of stairs up to the bedrooms and bathrooms! At the site you have chosen measure the vertical drop from the top landing by the door to ground level. Connelly had thought about getting a ramp, but decided the steps would better suit her needs. 126. To meet the rise and run specified in this example, in one option we can build a stair that includes. The steps above look like 4 or 4/12 to 11. Similar Projects. Exterior Stairs Tread and Riser Ratio Watch out: As I know you realize since you asked the question, the trip and fall hazard to avoid is a sort of "mini step" that is just less than 4" in riser height but lacks sufficient run to avoid tripping. Halting-walk low rise steps & long or deep stair step design hazards: How to build low rise, easy to climb steps for seniors, children, or over long low slopes. Indoors, where we need to climb in a more restricted space, typical dimensions are 17-18cm riser height and 22-24cm tread depth. The tread holes also allow for dirt and moisture to fall through the step so that way it doesn't collect on the step surface. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. Walking up or down a halting-walk stairway forces the user either to extend his/her stride to an uncomfortable length to reach the end of the tread, or s/he has to take an uncomfortably abbreviated final stride to get to the end of the tread. Staircase width refers to the side-to-side distance if you were … I’ve worn a path in the lawn alongside these awkward stairs, because that is actually the easier route. Include the nosing of the tread in your measurement. S. Hyde, Jon R. Abele, ISBN-13: 978-1-933264-01-1 or Or you could change the number of steps and platforms around to suit the terrain by making new calculations using my example.There are two approaches I've seen to the low rise step problem. References 78" total rise / 16 steps = 4.875" riser height or if we eliminate 5 steps (19-5 = 14) we are back at 78" / 14 = 5/57" rise per step - which was your proposal. Why might this be so? Choosing the proper tread or step depth, the distance from step nose to riser face, is important to make stairs comfortable to use. Here is a link that might be useful: LONG-TREAD LOW-RISER STEPS. We could theorize about just what constitutes an "undersized" or halting-walk stair tread depth for deeper tread but not deep-enough tread stairway. 5 ½ in. These … for pricing and availability Stairparts 7.5-in x 48-in Primed Poplar Stair Riser. Carey Precast Concrete Steps are designed for appearance and strength to enhance residential and commercial structures. Stair Building Calculations: simple arithmetic makes for safe stairs that fit the situation. I have not had results I really like when I have a long run on a short rise. Let's use some intermediate platforms instead of stair treads. Apr 29, 2013 - ARTICLE: Long-tread, Low-riser steps instead of ramps - For many people with mobility impairments, long-tread, low-riser steps can be easier and safer to use when compared to a 1:12 slope ramp. But anyhow, that experience along with your last explanation gives me a better understanding of the “halting-walk” issue. Model #STR6612. Each stair tread is 11 inches (280 mm) deep minimum with a sloped riser. Nov 21, 2017 - Deck steps for social sitting – low riser, long treads RISER: – It is a vertical portion of a step providing support to the tread. PERSON USING A WHEELCHAIR AND ARE NO INTENDED TO REPLACE PROPERLY DESIGNED RAMPS. The nosing section of the tread should extend at least 1 to 1 1/2 inches over the riser. Then knowing the size and number of treads; it was possible to work out the riser height. Design Guidelines: Exterior Stairs . If we make a "step" or more than one step if necessary, into a platform that is 36" long, we can comply even with strict code interpretations (since the shortest platform length in the direction of stair movement is 36"). On any given flight of stairs, all steps shall have uniform riser heights and uniform tread widths. Balance is easier to maintain on the level You will recall the 11 inches (279 mm) minimum for standard stairway tread depth. Alexandria Moulding 1 1/16-inch x 10 1/2-inch x 42-inch Unfinished Solid Oak Veneer Stair Tread (4) -Compare. Severe Weather 2-in x 12-in x 36-in Unfinished Pressure Treated Wood Stair Tread. 30" divided by 4" equals 7.5. Top Decking Ideas – An Ode To a Beautiful Garden. There are a few calculations that can help determine whether a stairway's rise and run will feel comfortable during use. I was hoping to find some established guidelines to go by but they all seem to cover conventional staircases only. The nosing is not a separate piece of wood; it is the short extension of the tread that hangs over the riser. For outdoor steps, the common formula for comfortable proportioning is 2(R) + T = 26” to 27”, where R = riser height (in inches) and T = tread depth (in inches). Risers can be too low and treads too long for comfortable use of the stairs; a riser that's 7 inches is considered an ideal height with a 10-inch wide tread. x 12 in. At 6" high it gives an easy boost.

*Three slip-resistant strips on the top for safety
*Slip-resistant feet keep it from sliding on almost any floor
*6"H x 23-1/2"W x 13-1/4"D
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