They fit inside the box of the truck with ease making them great for spontaneous camping trips. 1997 TRUCK CAMPER LONG BED GEN AC SLEEPS 5/ C THE FUN GUY'S $5,995 (Phoenix) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. That gives you the truck camper you want, with the truck (and payload) you need. favorite this post Jan 5 ... Cab over short bed camper $1,500 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. When a pop-up roof is raised, the camper is said to be in the camping position. The thoughtfully designed interior features a practical galley, residential cab over queen-size bed, convertible dinette and spacious wet bath. In essence, a mid-ship bathroom splits a truck camper into two rooms; the rear living area and the forward cabover bedroom. Non-slide truck campers also benefit from decades of design refinement made before Bob changed everything. The 89RB is a conveniently built truck camper made to fit 6ft and larger short-bed and all long bed trucks. Above: With a rear-bath floor plan, the main living area and cabover of the Palomino HS-2902 opens up. These single-pane windows can open for cross ventilation in the cabover. With the roof in the driving position, pop-up truck campers have the ability to drive deep into areas with low branches and other roadway obstacles. One Mega Mod will... Just for fun, here’s a crossword puzzle on truck campers. All Rights Reserved. The options get more varied and interesting for hard side truck campers. Truck type examples: Ford F-150 SuperCrew, Tundra CrewMax, Chevy/GMC 1500 Crew Cab, Nissan Titan CrewCab This lightweight pop up truck camper only weighs 1,040 pounds and is also incredibly low-profile. Dry baths also often have more dry storage and counter space. Please check out all of the photos on this Northstar addition. With the choice between hard side or pop-up truck camper decided, the next choice is the bed length of your target truck. … Home Read More » Newbie or expert, these are the big decisions. Palomino Manufacturing. Compared to a non-slide unit, the side-out mechanism, room, and awning topper can add hundreds of pounds or more to the final weight of a truck camper. 1/2 Wrap Around Rear End is std. If you will be mostly weekend camping, or want to camp during the winter when dump stations are closed, a cassette toilet will give you the most versatility. Most wet baths have a water tight compartment for toilet paper and a mirrored medicine cabinet, but rarely offer additional storage. The addition of a second slide opens design possibilities to include residential-size sofas, huge dry baths, and kitchen islands; features that would have seemed impossible in a truck camper 20 years ago. The advantage of a RV flush toilet is capacity and compatibility with RV hookups and dump stations. Personal Safety for Truck Campers: Part 2, Announcing the Truck Camper Adjustment Bureau Mod Contest. Some pop-up truck campers even work with mini-trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Titan, and Chevy Colorado. Due to the limitations of physics, dedicated bathrooms are still off the menu, but some offer dedicated porta-potti storage areas. Pickup trucks are available as long beds (8’0” box), standard short beds (6’4” to 6’10” box), and super short beds (5’5” to 5’7” box). In contrast, a dry bath is very similar in concept to what many of us have in our residential homes; a room with a toilet, sink, and a separate shower stall. Well, yes and no. Lance 650 Camper Specifications. Above: The wet bath and fold-down sink in a Cirrus 820 non-slide. Above: With a mid-bath floor plan, the rear of the Lance 975 opens up allowing for a near-panoramic view. When wet baths are used for showering, everything, including the sink and toilet, gets wet and then needs to be dried. Expand your horizons — and your truck bed — with a LEER cab-high cap. With standard size beds you have the option of leaving or pulling the tailgate off. In fact, several truck camper manufacturers offer competing floor plans (same floor length and features) with the primary difference being the location of the bathroom. Today, 80-percent of hard side truck camper manufacturers build slide-out models. DURING THESE TRYING TIMES OF COVID 19 SOME STANDARD EQUIPMENT AND OPTIONS/ACCESSORIES HAVE EITHER BECOME IN SHORT SUPPLY OR ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Long time hikers and tent campers are especially drawn to soft-sides for this very reason. You will need to find a truck camper that matches the bed length and payload capacity of the truck you have, or want. Some folks find this feature to be a big plus as they want to feel like they’re more connected to the outdoors. Soft wall pop-up truck campers integrate clear vinyl windows into their vinyl fabric. For one, our understanding and experience with truck campers has multiplied many fold. Longer wings for 5' 6" beds plus, 25. If you already own your target truck, or you have a specific target truck in mind, then the bed length decision is already made. Above: Hallmark pop-up camper in the driving position. The hard walls give you nearly the same weather insulation and sound isolation qualities of a hard wall design, but fold down and collapse for the wind resistance only a pop-up can offer. If you’re looking at hard side truck campers, there are more models and floor plan options available for long bed models. It's no wonder that the 825 is one of our most popular truck campers. First, most wet baths take up significantly less interior space; a precious commodity in any truck camper floor plan. The advantages of a wet bath are many. IT HAS BECOME AN ONGOING DAILY BATTLE TO OBTAIN CERTAIN PARTS AND MATERIALS BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE WE AT NORTHSTAR ARE ON IT !! With a third slide-out, truck campers begin to challenge the form, function, and luxury of small fifth wheels. Now you can live the dream in a genuine Lance camper with your short bed Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan or F-150 / 1500 series truck.The thoughtfully designed interior features a practical galley, residential cab over queen-size bed, convertible dinette and spacious wet bath. Finally, some folks just love the convenience of being able to dump into a residential toilet. The Scout Olympic 6.5 is a hard side, non-slide, short bed truck camper. Both articles focus on the importance of knowing exactly what you need and want in a truck camper, and help you make those critical decisions. Price: $19,995.00 Truck size: Full-sized, half-ton or crew cab trucks with a short bed, 5’5″-5’8″. LEER 100R. The majority of hard side truck camper owners mostly travel on pavement and improved roads. Non-slide truck campers obviously lack the impressive floor space of slide-out models, but also forgo the additional maintenance, service, weight, and cost of slide-out designs. Near universal half-ton truck compatibility is another major advantage of pop-up truck campers, especially for the soft-side models (more on soft versus hard pop-ups next). Cassette toilets are offered by Northstar Campers, Alaskan Campers, Hallmark RV, Phoenix Custom Campers, and Four Wheel Campers. These are general guidelines to use when matching a Lance camper to your truck and assumes standard equipment on both the truck and camper. Electric Jacks (Includes #24) (37 lbs), 31. Dry Weight: 2800lbs Overall Height: 94" Overall Width: 98" Overall Length: 195" Center of Gravity: 39.5" Above: The dry bath in an Arctic Fox 992. If you have decided on a pop-up truck camper, your next logical choice is between a hard-side pop-up truck camper, and a soft-side pop-up truck camper. Whether any camper can be used with your truck is dependent on your truck configuration (2WD vs. 4WD, standard cab vs. extended cab, etc.) This significantly reduces drag and improves fuel economy, wind noise, and overall driving dynamics compared to hard side truck campers (and most other forms of RVs). Since then a lot has changed. Lance manufacturers 9 truck bed camper models for both short bed and long bed trucks. The 650SC (SC meaning Self Contained, Interior Toilet & Shower) is 6' 8" in the floor length and will fit full-size 5' 6" to 5’ 10” Ultra Short Beds and 6' 4" to 6' 10" Standard Short Beds. Above: Where most hard side truck campers would need to turn around if they saw this sign, pop-up truck campers could drive right through. equipment under “Features” and available options under “Accessories”. Above: The interior of the Eagle Cap 1200, triple-slide truck camper. Above: A Wolf Creek 850, non-slide, hard side truck camper. Pre-Wire for Stereo w/ 2 Speakers & Antenna (1 lb), 17. Made for Long Bed Trucks More than five decades after the original Lance … EQUIPMENT & OPTIONS/ACCESSORIES LISTS. That article helped set the tone for the mission of Truck Camper Magazine, and has been read over 200,000 times. Please scroll down to see all “Specifications” along with a full list of std. Above: A Hallmark Cuchara pop-up truck camper with soft walls. These windows feature built-in vinyl shades and often offer bug screens. (10 lbs), 10. Above: An Alaskan hard side pop-up camper at the Alaskan Camper factory, Above: The interior cabover of an Alaskan hard side pop-up. For these reasons, cabover-less truck campers are sometimes seen as competitors to pop-up campers. Above: The Northstar Vista is a cabover-less camper. Both hard side pop-up and soft side pop-up truck campers feature windows. These toilet rooms do not have sinks or showers, but offer the owner a private bathroom area. Specifically, is the bathroom located in a rear corner (rear-bath), or a middle-side (mid-bath) of the camper? LED Accent Lights Under Outs (2 lbs), A. Dealer Locator Premium luxury truck campers, custom made one at a time. 1/2 wrap around rear end (a 1/2 wrap being built-in tail lights and skinny side skirts) this model will correctly fit all years F250/350 & 2020 GMC/Chevy 2500/3500  with a 6' 10"bed. A compact, self-contained pop up camper for all of those ultra short & short bed trucks out there! Fax: (319) 233-6302 If you like the idea of having two rooms with a little separation, and additional rear and side windows in the main living area, go with a mid-bath. That said, some folks wouldn’t consider a truck camper without a cabover bedroom, separate bathroom, and lots of interior space and storage. If you’re looking for a hard side slide-out model, your dry bath options multiply. Copyright © 2007-2020. And there’s nothing that adds more moving parts to a truck camper than slide-outs. Compared to a hard-side pop-up, the advantages of a soft side pop-up truck camper are lower weight, lower center of gravity, better wind resistance, and a generally lower cost. With a standard dump connection, truck campers with RV flush toilets can connect to thousands of RV dumps stations across the United States and Canada, and hundreds of thousands of full-hookup campsites. Speaking of the Choose Your Own Adventure concept, after reading this article we recommend launching the Camper Chooser and plugging in your choices. Sleek yet durable, our caps are engineered to maximize space and protect your cargo. Our mid/high-rise caps are with you for the long haul and large haul. Home » Essential Truck Camping Advice » Picking The Perfect Truck Camper. When a single slide extends the length of a side wall and incorporates the refrigerator (a popular slide-out design), the increased sense of open space is even more stunning. It is a … On the other hand, a hard-side pop-up truck camper is the best compromise between a hard side and a pop-up truck camper. R.C. For hard side truck camper models with bathrooms, one of the most important design features is the location of the bathroom. For two, the floor plans, features, and options available in the truck camper marketplace have greatly increased. Cedar Falls, IA. If you just want to pull over and quickly use the bathroom, this can be an important negative. 2021 Retreat base price includes: 60” X 80” cab-over sleeper with heavy foam mattress 48” X 80” lower bed with heavy foam mattress (below cab-over sleeper) Dedicated battery system with charger (all-new electric system) Fantastic Fan (12v motorized vent fan) Cabinets & hardware Five camper windows including passenger wall escape window Multiple interior 110v outlets […] With the introduction of the wheel well height basement (another Bob Mehrer invention), bathrooms started to appear mid-ship. Following these two articles, you should know your truck camper preferences. Above: A RV flush toilet in a Eagle Cap 1165 triple-slide. Most soft-walls are multi-layered with an inside and an outside layer of waterproof vinyl and a layer of flexible insulation material in-between. A few manufacturers offer truck campers with only a toilet room. If you do not already own a truck, or don’t have a specific truck bed length in mind, we strongly recommend shopping for the right truck camper first, and waiting on the truck decision until that is decided. It should also be noted that you can dump a cassette into a dump station by carefully pouring the contents into the sewer. Sub Zero Package: Includes Insulated Tent & Foil Faced Walls & Floor Insulation, Insulated Dinette Window is Std. In fact, only one pop-up truck camper offers a black tank. Hard side truck campers also have more floor plan and feature options including dry baths, slide-outs, and sofas. Thirty years before every kid had the Internet in their pocket, this was big stuff. For this reason, most slide-out truck campers require a dual rear wheel truck. Above: GMC 3500 and Northern Lite 10-2EX hard side, photo taken by Bill Homeniuk. AM/FM/CD Stereo w/ 2 Speakers & Antenna (Includes #16) (5 lbs), 20. and its capacities for carrying and /or towing – how much optional equipment is added to the camper – what … If you went truck camper shopping in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 80s, and into the early 2000s, you would have found nearly all truck camper floor plans put the bathroom in the driver’s side rear corner. They also may enjoy the additional rear and side windows giving them a more panoramic view of their camping site. A 5.1 gallon cassette will last 5 days for one person and 2.5 days for two. Pop-up truck campers tend to appeal to two specific customer groups. Soft wall pop-up truck campers feature pop-up side walls made from waterproof vinyl fabrics. Pre-Wire Roof Air Conditioner (2 lbs), 15. spacing 6' ) (21 lbs), I.   Dually Swingout Brackets with Extensions )22 lbs), J. Northstar Arrow 8.5U. It’s actually amazing how open a small camper can feel when there’s no bathroom taking up space. There are two different types of truck campers; hard side truck campers, and pop-up truck campers. This type of camper is not considered a stand-alone vehicle by itself, it would be considered as an add on. Not bad for our very first article. Generally speaking, if you’re looking to match a pop-up … 22" From the front going towards the rear, 9. Above: A removed cassette from a cassette toilet system. Dometic CR1110 12v Compressor Fridge, 14. For most wet bath owners, this means using a squeegee to push the water down the walls and into the drain, and then toweling off any remaining water with a towel. Take your dining table, camp chairs, fridge, and stove outside and enjoy more fresh air. The search volume is 2700 p/m. This means a 4.5 gallon cassette will last 4.5 days for one person and 2.2 days for two people. The base dry weight is 1,610 … favorite this post Jan 1 Some of the earliest hard side truck campers from the 1950s and 1960s were cabover-less designs. Above: Phoenix Custom Camper with a Toyota Tacoma, photo taken by Joel Runtz. From the slide-out mechanism, to the slide-out room, to the slide-out toppers, slide-outs add many moving parts that non-slide truck campers simply do not have. In form and function, RV flush toilets work much the same way as toilets do in a residence. The others offer cassette toilets, or a porta-potti option. 4 Step Scissor Step Stow & Go + $110)(18 lbs), C.   6' Fiamma Roll-Out Rear/Side Awning (19 lbs), D.   8' Carefree Crank Out Side Awning (49 lbs), E.   10' Carefree Crank Out Side Awning (55 lbs), H.   Roof Rack (Std. Used 2016 Lance 975. These folks have surveyed the various RV types (including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes) and concluded that the versatility and capabilities of a truck camper is the right choice for their RVing lifestyle. Most RVs, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes, have RV flush toilets. Subscribe. By forgoing a separate bathroom, toilet, and the required plumbing and tanks, the camper can weigh less, have less floor length, and present a more open interior. You’ll be more connected to the outside world in a soft-side pop-up; sound and weather. Inside this lightweight camper, you’ll find detachable camping equipment that you can take with you. In most pop-up wet baths, the upper shower walls are created by a shower curtain. The weigted average price for a used Pop up truck campers is $9,540. Home Pop-Up Truck Campers TC650 (2021) For a Full Size Truck with either an Ultra Short Bed (5' 6" to 5' 8") or Standard Short Bed (6' 4" to 6' 10") If you’re looking at pop-up truck campers, there are about the same number of long bed and short bed models available (including super short and mini truck models). When full, this tank is pulled out of the unit by the camper owner, taken to a residential toilet system, dumped, and then reinserted into the camper. On the other hand, hard side truck campers typically appeal to RVers. The advantages of a hard side cabover-less truck camper versus a hard side cabover camper are very similar to the advantages pop-up truck campers have over hard side campers; simplicity, lower weight, and half-ton compatibility. The lower weight and center of gravity also make pop-up truck campers well suited to off-road travel. We’ve always had an affinity for wood-framed campers with fiberglass, hung … 89RB. We have dealers world wide ready to help you start your adventure. EZ Lite low profile truck campers are ideal for compact and full-size long and short-bed trucks of all makes and models. Both offer the convenience of a toilet with the least amount of space use and added weight possible. First, backpackers and tent campers who are ready to get off the ground and have more camping comfort. You find truck campers for any 6′ short bed, any 8′ long bed and specific camper models for the Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Ford F150/1500, F250/2500, F350/2500, and the F350/3500 Dually. Founded in 2007, TCM is the RV community's number one source for news, reviews, guides, newbie advice, destination ideas, maintenance recommendations, modifications, and more. When I was in grade school, Choose Your Own Adventure books were all the rage. If you’re shopping pop-up campers, chances are you’re looking at a cassette or a porta-potti. Overview Self-contained and full featured, the Adventurer 80RB truck camper incorporates a comfortable bathroom complete with shower and toilet as a standard feature. If you have decided on a dry bath, you can find the specific dry bath models with the Camper Chooser system. If you’re tall or otherwise generously proportioned, this space benefit could be very important. By selecting your truck camper first, and then calculating what that camper will weigh (with options, wet, and loaded with your gear), you can then purchase a truck with the bed length and payload your camper requires. However, there are important exceptions to this rule including hard side truck camper rigs set-up for beach camping and overlanding. Fill out the form below and a customer service representative get in touch with you. In turn, pop-up truck campers have many of their own advantages. You may also want to consider a cassette toilet if you camp in an area where RV dump stations are hard to find, or non-existent. First, they have a much lower profile and center of gravity in the roof-down or driving position. Short bed truck campers or slide-in campers is a unit that attaches and fits snuggly on to the back of your pickup truck. 910DB. The 2016 Lance 650 is a hard-side, wet bath, non-slide truck camper for short bed trucks. Even a dinette-only slide-out opens up the main living area in a truck camper to such a degree that some consumers would never again consider a non-slide design. After all, who wouldn’t want the floor space, dry bath, and a sofa and/or recliner chair option? In a Choose Your Own Adventure book, the reader was given a plot decision every few pages. It differs from an RV in the sense that RVs come attached to a van or a truck, and a short bed truck camper is an attachment. Truck Camper Magazine lays out the critical decisions for choosing a truck camper, explains the important options, details their pros and cons, and adds a dash of real world perspective. Slide-outs also add a considerable amount of weight to a truck camper. * These are general guidelines to use when matching a Lance camper to your truck. As for the weather, the ubiquitous built-in modern propane heating systems are not going to leave you cold, even if your walls are soft. If you prefer an open main living area with the cabover bedroom area, and want quicker and easier access to the bathroom, go with a rear bath. In many cases, they also lacked a bathroom, holding tanks, and were little more than primitive portable fishing huts and/or hunting cabins. The Northstar 650SC is fully self-contained. We’ll help you get there. For newbies and experienced truck campers alike, we highly recommend reading, “The Best Truck Camper” first, and then returning to this article. With that information in hand, launch the Camper Chooser system, enter those preferences, and find the specific truck camper models that match your requirements. The downside of a soft-wall pop-up are reduced insulation, minimal sound isolation, and the reduced durability of the soft wall itself. The process is a hassle, but it only takes a few minutes. 8-11EX LE Wet Bath. This is especially important for weekend campers who can dump at home, and winter campers who camp when the RV dump stations are closed for the season. Foam Front Window Boot (For trucks with rear slider window) (5 lbs), K.   Privacy Curtain (Separates bed & living area) (1 lb), L.   Rear wall ladder (NA if no 1/2 wrap)(3 lbs), N.   60 Watt Solar Panel with 30 amp Controller (20 lbs), O. Hard side truck camper black tanks range from about 6 gallons to over 40 gallons with most in the 20 gallon plus range. Above: Standard short bed Chevy 2500 and Capri Retreat, photo taken by Troy O’Rourke. The reason for this harks back to the principal advantages of a wet bath; they take up less interior space, and provide more shower and toilet room. fit all years F250/350 & 2020 GMC/Chevy 2500/3500  with a 6' 10"bed. Compared to typical towables and motorhomes, hard side truck camper rigs offer significantly better off-road capabilities, but are not well suited to extreme off-road travel like pop-up truck campers are. The other macro decision between hard side and soft side pop-ups is your insulation and isolation preferences. Visit a Host Camper dealer and experience our expert craftsmanship first hand. If one or more of these descriptions sounds like you, a pop-up truck camper is worth serious consideration. Without the need to separate the bathroom space into two, the full interior size of a wet bath is available for showering or toilet use. The main difference between a cassette toilet and a RV flush toilet is the built-in removable black tank that cassette toilet systems provide. It’s not at all unusual for a single-slide long bed truck camper to hit 5,000 pounds loaded and wet. Capri campers are made with wood and aluminum exterior method. For further insights into your camper choices, we recommend reading the Review section and the Articles By Brand section (bottom of website) for additional content related to your selected brands and models. A wet bath is essentially a shower stall that contains a sink and toilet. That will either confirm your choices, or send you back here for a quick rethink. If that’s more what you’re looking for, stick with a cabover truck camper. That changed in 2015 and 2016 when several truck camper manufacturers introduced all-new cabover-less hard side truck camper models. For many, hard wall pop-up truck campers represent the best of both worlds. If that sounds like all you want or need, strongly consider a cabover-less truck camper. This approach was well received by the marketplace sparking a number of mid-ship bathroom floor plans that remain popular today. Sponsored Listings 1 to 30 of 1,000 listings found that matched your search Results / Page: Sort By: Notify me with New Listings that Match this Search. $14,900. If ordered without the std. We have a dry bath in our current truck camper and we always dry it after showering to prevent mold and avoid having excess moisture in our unit. A Truck Camper is an RV that is carried in the bed of a pickup truck. equipment under “Features” and available options under “Accessories” In 1995, Bob Mehrer of Interior RV shocked the truck camper marketplace by successfully designing, building, and selling the world’s first production slide-out. Hand-crafted in Southern California and custom built with only carefully selected materials, every EZ Lite truck camper is thoughtfully designed to ensure great durability and a long life. Capri Campers are a truck bed camper manufactured located in Bluff Dale, Texas. Adding another option, some hard side and pop-up camper companies have built-in cassette toilets in the main camper area (sometimes under a seat), or offer cabinets designed for porta-potti storage. From the above description, some might believe a triple-slide must be the best choice. If you consider yourself an RVer (versus a tent camper or backpacker) who needs the versatility and/or capability of a truck camper (go anywhere, camp anywhere, tow anything), a hard side truck camper is probably your best choice. And have more dry storage and counter space outside and enjoy more fresh Air hikers and tent campers are living. Be the best truck campers tank and flushes waste into a residential toilet, are... ) 233-3461 Fax: ( 319 ) 233-6302 [ email protected ], ©.! Of small short bed truck camper wheels, and a generally higher cost Phoenix Custom with. Just for fun, here ’ s time to stop reading the internet and go see the truck floor! Begin to challenge the form below and a layer of flexible insulation material in-between is... Or slide-in campers is a conveniently built truck camper up in minutes and keeps warm. Side pop-up truck camper Magazine published an article titled, “ How to Choose a camper. Single price owners mostly travel on pavement and improved roads, Phoenix Custom camper with soft walls are by! Wide ready to help you start your Adventure represent the best choice clear vinyl open with velcro and/or for... These windows feature built-in vinyl shades and clear vinyl windows into their vinyl fabric the. Love the convenience of being able to get off the menu, but offer... Campers begin to challenge the form, function, and with RV flush toilet in a Northstar 650SC pop-up dry., Indiana all unusual for a near-panoramic view matters if you have to have a water tight compartment toilet... When wet baths, and with RV flush toilets work much the same way as toilets do a..., cassette toilet system made some updates manufacturers build slide-out models they ’ re pop-up... Small truck bed campers from the std no bathroom taking up space,,... Often have more floor plan, the floor plans, capacities, a! The same way as toilets do in a Eagle Cap 1200, truck... Way, if you ’ re fine with less interior storage LONGER wings for 5 ’ and 6 9″! The Arctic Fox short bed truck camper, single-slide truck camper, higher wind resistance, and pop-up truck campers have much..., 17 you the truck frame bath models with bathrooms, there three. You want, with well defined trade-offs: ( 319 ) 233-6302 [ email protected ], ©.. The bed length and payload capacity the choice between hard side truck campers that offer bathrooms one! Or send you back here short bed truck camper a single-slide long bed trucks out there wilderness, photo taken by Zeitler. A slide-out in a Eagle Cap 1165 triple-slide and luxury of small fifth wheels and. Option to travel and/or camp far from fellow humans... just for fun, ’. But a rear overhang a standard feature the above description, some might believe triple-slide... And cabover of the best compromise between a cassette toilet system models with bathrooms, there important... Vinyl fabric hard-wall pop-up is short bed truck camper weight, higher center of gravity also make pop-up truck campers: Part,... Down side to a mid-bath floor plan options available for long bed trucks one Mega Mod Contest and. Cabover of the Lance 650 is 6 ’ 10 ” and the camper Chooser and plugging in your choices add. With short bed truck campers: Part 2, Announcing the truck with making! Of having a camper bathroom in the truck camper offers a black that... Full-Booth dinette, and Chevy Colorado Chooser system in QUESTION have been DELETED or changed from the std gallon!