The Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was adopted and enacted on 4 November 1972, after the victory of the independent country on 16 December 1971. Therefore, the opinion expressed by the former law minister in this regard is not considered justified in the light of the spirit of Article 49 of the Constitution. | Monday, 04, Jan, 2021 . This website uses cookies to improve your experience. India has not agreed with the access and still stakes its claims to it. This regulation is follow-up to Article 38 (f) of the Constitution of Pakistan, and Senate’s resolution No. During all this time, verbal battles in media have been militarised through certain poignant ethics. The conservatives say `Islam is complete’. At the same time, due to non-cooperation of India, it is time to take active steps on the possibility of constructing Teesta and Ganga barrages, including reconsideration of many ineffective Ganga water agreements. The word  combines “Welt” (“world”) with “Anschauung” (“view”), which ultimately derives from the Middle High German verb schouwen (“to look at” or “to see”). Bangladesh is in a strong position in the changing global political situation. There is nan additional problem in Pakistan. When Keynes was asked about persistence of inflation (too much money chasing too few goods), he replied `In the long run we are all dead’. Aristotelian system had an uncanny `socialist’ wrapper. Practically, there was no tangible impact on society, economy or polity. While India is also not willing to give a fair share of international river water. From Lahore, from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan when we will have control.”. As such, it would be unpalatable to those following socialism. Even unissued bonds lying in Pakistan’s State Bank vaults are included in each draw. In this case, there is no opportunity to give a discount. The constitution includes references to socialism, secular democracy and the Bengali nationalism. CommonLII: Apart from that, the power given to the government in the Criminal Procedure Code to waive, reduce or suspend various punishments is in no way considered as any interference in the President’s right to pardon, delay, and waive various types of sentences. Clause (3) of Article 48 states that the President shall act in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister in discharging all his other duties except in the case of appointment of the Prime Minister in accordance with Article 56 (3) of the Constitution and the Chief Justice in accordance with Article 95 (1). To succeed it needs a handful of technocrTS. The Prophet did not live in a 300-kanal-and-10-marla house (like Pakistan’s prime minister). On the other hand, by talking about the highest level of friendship with Bangladesh, India has realized and is taking all its interests. Noam Chomsky calls the people in  a democracy `a bewildered herd’. Composition of the Non-Party Care-taker Government, appointment of Advisers, etc. Interest is outlawed under, Article 38 (f) of the Constitution of Pakistan, quoted heretofore _ Article 38 (Promotion of social and economic well-being of the people) The State shall…(f) eliminate riba. kilometers to create political awareness. They steer the country around corners. India, China and Pakistan meet at Siachen glacier, which is the second-largest non-polar glacier in the world. Pakistan’s hidden economy is more than the monetized one. The less said about sadiq and ameen clauses, the better. Michels observed that since no sufficiently-large and complex organization can function purely as a direct democracy, power within an organization will always get delegated to individuals within that group, elected or otherwise. Constitution of Bangladesh. You are dealing with a terrorist entity.” , One guest also described Pakistani scientists as “thieves,” while another described Pakistani people as “beggars”. Dec 21 (713 news) Rojname Trends . One view is that if a convicted criminal of death penalty seeks any pardon to the President, he must plead guilty. From The Irish Constitution Explained by Darrell Figgis 1922. Islam does not allow even tallaqi-ur-rukbaan (buying camel-loads of goods from caravan before they had reached Madina open-market. To create more money, deficit financing (paper money) was resorted to. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Discremination on grounds of religion, etc. In the USA, also, the Republicans view the democrats  as disguised socialist. A section of the market caravanserai was reserved for foreign traders. Do we live in an interactive world or in an ivory tower? The Qazalbash Waqf v. Chief Land Commissioner (PLD 1990 SC 99) judgment is a majority-opinion judicial decision that blocked `land reform’ in Pakistan. While NAB remained engaged in investigating urban incomes. Farag was murdered in 1992 and Abu-Zayd exiled in following years. It is worthwhile to mention here that, Article 7(2) and 26 of the constitution of Bangladesh impose certain limitation on parliament in making laws. To quote a Murphy Law `nothing is as simple as it seems at first’. constituteproject.orgPDF generated: 25 Nov 2019, 19:42. However, Worldview Media brushed it aside and claimed certain sentences were mere figure of speech, not to be taken literally. Pak law makers never looked into the origin of landed aristocracy, chiefs and chieftains in the subcontinent during the Mughal and British periods. In this regard, it appears in our Constitution that the President is empowered to pardon, delay, pause, pardon, suspend or reduce any other form of punishment, including the death penalty. Islamabad has given China access to Shaksam valley, part of the Pakistan administered Kashmir. Kashmir being the disputed land and is the most militarized area on the whole planet, gives access to Pakistan in east and China gets access to the Arabian sea and Indian ocean, in essence, the world! Aristotelian democracy has been criticized because of incompatibility of  being at once `nonegalitarian’ and `socially equal’. The territory of the Republic: 2A. When rights and freedom are placed the part of the supreme law and the government can not take them away except by constitution amending process which is always a right one. XXVIII of 1991) As a result, rivers have dried up in large areas of the north-western part of the country. Article 96(2), The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Those who hold the second opinion point out that there is a precedent of pardon for the offender by the President while his appeal was still pending in the High Court Division. And so it is considered justifiable for the government to apply any kind of pardon and reduction or suspension of any kind of punishment because the government has the same power as the President. The idea derived from sections 401 and 402 of the Criminal Procedure Code and sections 54 and 55 of the Penal Code is that the government, in accordance with the provisions of these two laws, may waive or reduce any sentence in full or in part or may suspend effectiveness of the sentence. Freedom of reli gion . The problem that bothered him was that the majority of free people (excluding women and slaves) would use their brute voting power to introduce pro-poor legislation like taking away property from the rich. On the question of our interests that India has been exempted from over the past decade is unprecedented. Article 49 of the Constitution of Bangladesh gives the President the right to pardon.